The Workshop Reservation Form

Fill out the form below to reserve the use of equipment in The Workshop space. Please note that this form is not for take-home equipment.

All equipment in The Workshop is free for patron use. However, patrons must pay for consumable resources such as filament, button-making supplies, vinyl, and card stock.

A librarian will be present during all reservations to demonstrate how to use equipment and assist with any questions.

Current Pricing:

  • 3D Printer Filament - $0.20 per gram
  • 3D Pen Filament - $1.00 for 10 filament strands
  • Circle Buttons:
    • 1", 1.25", or 2.25" - $0.10 per button
    • 3.5" - $0.20 per button
  • Stickers/Labels for Rollo Sticker Maker: 
    • 2” Circle Stickers
      • $.50 for 25 stickers/labels
      • $1 for 50 stickers/labels
      • $2 for 100 stickers/labels
      • $10 for 500 stickers/labels
      • $20 for 1000 stickers/labels
    • 4x6 Labels (Great for shipping labels!) $.10 each
  • A small selection of Cricut materials will be available for patron purchase as they learn the machine. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own supplies for more involved projects.
    • Permanent Vinyl - $2.50 per 12" x 12" sheet
    • Cardstock - $0.25 Per 12" x 12" sheet

Patrons may pay in cash or with card.

Patrons are encouraged to have a plan in mind with what they would like to use the equipment for. This includes bringing needed materials and design plans.*

*To use the 3D printer, please select a 3D model in .stl format for the 3D object before your arrival. Legal and software limitations may apply.

The Workshop will hold reservations for 15 minutes. Please email or call before your reservation time if you cannot make it. Future appointments might be affected for no contact or "no-shows".

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