Summer Seedling Programs

You've planted the seeds for success, now water & nurture them with weekly programs presented by county agencies. Learn and develop the tools you need to help your children grow up successful.

June 13th, 6:30pm: The Daily DOs for Families
Learn the simple daily things you can do with your child to help develop emotional/social development for lifetime of success!  Invest in your child’s emotional future today and set them on the path to becoming a millionaire.  Jointly presented by HANDS and the Oldham County Preschool.

June 20th, 6:30pm: The Love Languages of Children
They want your attention, other times they ignore you. They are filled with affection, and other times they seem indifferent. Attitude. Behavior. Development. Everything depends on the love relationship between you and your child. When children feel loved, they do their best. ALL AGES. Presented by  Christi Leonard, Seven Counties Services 

June 27th, 6:30pm: Movement for Children
How does basic "moving" improve thinking, math, and language and literacy skills? What movement activities are likely to be the most appealing — and the most effective? Come Join In the Fun! Presented by Christy Troxell- Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Council

July 11th, 6:30pm: Sensory Processing in Childhood Development
Explore the world with your child and engage their senses with sensory play. Help them develop their deductive, social, emotional, and language skills. Learn about child development through activities that stimulate your child’s touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.  Presented by The Chatterbox

July 18th, 6:30pm: Travelling Light– Family Fun to Go!
This program helps provide intentional, enjoyable opportunities for communication and language  development by featuring a collection of playful language activities for you, your children and   youth to enjoy together during travel and waiting times.  Presented by Chris Duncan, Oldham County Cooperative Extension Office


Weekly Seedling Programs

Join us for weekly programs designed to help families learn skills to promote early childhood development. Each session is broken into two parts. During the first 30 minutes, parents attend an educational program while the children participate in fun, theme based activities in the Children's Activity room. During the second half, families come back together for a chance to practice what they've learned.

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At the Kick-off

The South Oldham Lions Club provided free vision screenings for children ages 5 and under at the event!

Misty Mountain String Band

We're thrilled to announce that Misty Mountain String Band will be playing our outdoor stage! Check out their music and upcoming events.